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Welcome To ABX Distributing
American Bearing Xpress

ABX DistributingABX Distributing is a quality supplier of a wide and diverse range of bearing manufacturers. We offer diverse solutions to demanding challenges through new and innovative technologies. We strive to be the leader in our market through ongoing improvement of current product offerings and solutions to customer needs.

ABX Distributing employs highly qualified people in both inside and outside sales to support and meet your requirements and solve most problems that may occur. Our mission is clear: Provide quality bearings and related products at fair prices with superior customer service. We pledge to conduct business with integrity and to continue to develop technology that promotes reliable service.

The driving force behind ABX Distributing will always be our customers. We are committed to helping you avoid downtime and increase profits. By understanding our customers and concentrating on efficient distribution and superior service, we will meet your needs today and tomorrow!

ABX Distributing is a division of Gulf Grinding Co. Inc.  Coastal Bearing Services was also a division of Gulf Grinding Co. Inc. with a history of 30 plus years in the manufacturing and re-manufacturing of ball and roller bearings up to 10 feet – maximum diameter in size. This technical history is maintained today in the continued selection, inspection and care of ball and roller bearings.